During October 2011, Betty Trading ordered two pig roasting machines from Australia. The two machines have now been fully installed and on 23rd October the first trial of the machines was done. The family bought a small pig and had it roasted. Yummy, yummy……..Betty Trading can guarantee you that if you would like to order a roasted pork, come and see us and we will do it for your birthday party, wedding, social function, and you name it. Our pigs are also available if you would like to buy direct from us, and we can do everything for you. Just give us enough time, at least 12 hours, to make sure your pork is roasted and done up very well that even the fatty skin, we can make it crispy so your guests can eat the whole pig.

During the past years, we have roasted almost 100 pigs and over time, we have also learned new ways of roasting to make sure, the roasted pig is of the best value for money. Our roasting service is now becoming very famous and every week, we would have 2-3 pigs to roast. Below is one picture I had taken of one of the many pigs we had roasted.