Born in 1969, Betty comes from the Amanu family in Kiribati. Betty’s grandfather from her dad Toon Amanu, is a well known missionary who had served the LMS churches within Kiribati, Nauru and Rabi Island in Fiji, the late Reverend Amanu. The history and geneology of Betty’s mother is rather complicated but her mum, Eritabeta (Elizabeth) comes from the Greg family. Betty is third in a family of nine with two boys and six girls.

The husband Terib’a comes from Tabe family currently residing on Waghena Island in the Solomon Islands. Terib’a’s father (Tabe) comes from the family of Tebania and Ribua who came originally from Onotoa Island in the Gilbert group of islands, now commonly known as Kiribati.

How the Tabe family came to settle in the Solomon Islands is a very long story but very briefly they were part of the resettlement scheme organized by the Bristish administration during the colonial era. Very briefly Tabe was only a young boy when his parents – Tebania and Ribua – were resettled in the Line and Phoenix group of Islands, in 1930s or just before the second world war. In late 1950s and early 1960s, these group of I-Kiribati were again resettled on Waghena in the Solomon Islands. This was the period when both the Solomon Islands and Kiribati (formerly Gilbert and Ellice Islands) were under the British Protectorate. Terib’a is therefore the first generation I-Kiribati Solomon Islander who was born in January of 1968.

The couple met in 1993 in Tarawa, where Terib’a came to work in Kiribati, serving the KPC as a volunteer secondary school teacher. The couple were married at Tangintebu Chapel during the second semester of 1993. During 1993 – 1998 the couple lived in Tarawa. In 1999 – 2000, the couple with two of their children, Terii and Mere went to Australia where the husband did his second postgraduate studies at the University of Sydney. Upon completion of his studies at the end of 2000, the couple and their two children went to the Solomon Islands where from 2001 – 2002, the husband become general manager of two privately owned companies.

At the height of the ethnic tension in early 2003, the family went to Waghene village doing gardening and fishing. In late 2003 when the RAMSI contigent arrived in Honiara, the husband was recalled to join the UNDP sub-office in Honiara where he served as Finance and Administration team leader.

In mid 2005, Mr. Tabe then joined the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) as project coordinator for the 9th EDF regional DEVFISH project. Towards the end of 2007, the family again relocated to Suva, Fiji where the husband then served as technical officer to the Regional Authorising Officer (RAO) of the Pacific Island Forum Secretariat.

In early 2010, the family came back to Tarawa where Mr. Tabe serves as TA to National Authorising Officer looking after all the EDF funded projects.

Betty has thus began her interest in running a small business and returning to her home country provides her an ideal opportunity to start something small in Kiribati. In 2010 Betty Trading was registered and is now operating as Betty One Stop Shop.