Our mission: “TO CREATE EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES FOR UNEMPLOYED PEOPLE OF KIRIBATI. We will aspire to achieve this mission by:

*  Expanding and exploring undiscovered and new lines of businesses through partnership with external suppliers/manufacturers;

* Entering into the manufacturing sector of those products that can be made in Kiribati;

* Enter the construction services and become one of the leading contractors in Kiribati;

* Creating projects that can be managed by the unskilled family members;

* Become one of the leading wholesalers in Kiribati and Kiritimati within the next 10 years.

With our determination and perserverance to achieve our mission, we will slowly get there. Also in doing a clean business and in complying with all the legal requirements, this will become a testimony to our christian faith and provides the foundation of our success in life. Sharing is Caring and so this is our principle in all that we do.