In May of 2010, the family build a pig pen with four rooms. The pig pen has concrete cement flour, wire fencing and iron roofing. A small water tank is attached to the end of the pig pen while pig nipples are provided to each room. In June 2010, the family acquired 5 local piglets from other family members and two pure breeds pigs from the Agricultural division in Tanaea. The pigs were fed with pig grower feed and supplemented with local foods such as fish, coconut, and the family left-over foods. Already the pigs have grown bigger and bigger and the project is providing informal employment for the unemployed family members.

Two of the male castrated pigs are now ready for sale while three of the four females had already delivered their first piglets. We now have about 24 piglets (see picture) of almost 2 weeks old piglet. As the number is growing, we have already extended our pig pen and we now have about seven but this is still not enough. We are in the process of expanding our piggery project site. The project is getting excited as we began to love these pigs and are somewhat hesitant to sell them but we must sell them for some returns on the expenses we have incurred for feeding them. For those restaurant around Tarawa interested to buy pigs for their restaurant, please come to Betty Trading at Banraeaba to buy your pigs.

We are also now trying to finalize getting a container of our pig feed from Fiji and hopefully within a month’s time, we should have one FCL of our feed for starter, grower and finisher.