Having just started her operation in mid 2010, Betty Trading is currently buying general merchandise from major wholesalers in Kiribati. The prices of many items have varied between different wholesalers. Betty Trading will soon venture into importing firstly basic items to supplement the existing markets and to allow other smaller businesses to have a variety of choices. Competition is at the heart of Betty Trading as the owner truly believes that through competition, prices can drop while services to the customers would improve. The variety of goods to import will depend on the financial situation of the business and is also dependent on securing low priced items. We aim to source and enter into cheaper markets with high quality products. We will avoid importing outdated products which are close to their expiry dates and we will aspire to work with our suppliers to provide high quality merhandise goods. The list of general goods sold at Betty Trading can be seen if you visit our shop at Banraeaba Village, Tarawa. However, you will see below some pictures of what are currently selling at the shop. We invite you to come or to call us to find out more about our products.