To all our valued customers.

On behalf of Betty Trading, we would like to wish you all a very prosperous 2015. As our customer and partners, you remain so important to us because without you we will not exist. We are looking forward to serving you better in 2015.

For your information, we now have opened our branch on Kiritimati Island and we very much look forward to serving the people on Kiritimati Island. Our vision on Xmas Island is to offer another choice for the people for cheaper prices and better quality products. We now have a special sale today to provide you rice, flour and sugar as you celebrate your new year. The special sales closes at 6.00pm Xmas Time so hurry up. For those who buy today, stay on as free Solomon and Vanuatu Kava drinks are offered until six so quickly go and visit Betty Trading (former BKL building) now in Ronton to have your free kava before new year comes.

The birth of Jesus in the MANGER is our message to all of you for 2014 and we look forward with our humble hearts to serve you in 2015.

Betty and Teriba


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