IMG_2373IMG_2390Towards the end of 2013 Betty Trading added a construction services when a group of prominent and young experienced carpenters came to register their interest to do construction services under Betty Trading. Since December 2013 Betty Construction services had submitted a number of bids and we are very happy to have already been awarded four tenders to build the Competent Authority Office in Betio, Tebwanimaneka Primary School Toilet Block, Bareaumai Primary School and Tungaru Rehabilitation Centre (TRC). This clearly shows that Betty Construction Services is penetrating the construction market prominently with her qualified construction team and is looking for more opportunity in the construction services in Kiribati. Providing employment to Te I-Kiribati is paramount in our vision and slowly we are fufilling this by having now employed almost thirty people, most of whom are engaged in the Construction. Provided below are some snapshots of some of the construction works we are currently engaged in.