As we step on the doors of 2014, Betty Trading is happy to add one new line of products for the first time, the Australian Baker’s Flour in addition to our Island Sun Rice and DC Brown Sugar. We are hoping to add more products over the years but taking one step cautiously at a time is our approach. We do not want to jump into the fire. We will continue to import basic commodities while diversifying into other areas of businesses depending on our actual situation. Betty Trading will continue to explore other importing opportunities from countries where the supply is cheap but of high quality.

During the year 2013, many overseas business visitors visited Betty Trading and discussed options of business collaboration but the Management of Betty Trading is very cautious not to deal with Tom, Dick and Harry. It is the trust and confidence that matters to us and also clean business as we do not want to evade taxes to make us materially rich over night. Our principle is to do clean business and provide employment opportunity to our employees while make just enough margins to make is slowly and steadily expand.

We look forward to buying new products in 2014 and to give you another choice and option to choose from.