You have limited choices of hotels and motels in Kiribati. The government now owns only one hotel namely the┬áCaptain Cook Hotel in Kiritimati. However, there are privately owned motels which are of reasonable standard. One such motel on Kiritimati is called “The Village Motel”. The Village Motel is owned by the Kiritibati Uniting Church members at Tabwakea Village in Kiritimati Island. I had been to Kiritimati several times and will recommend ‘The Village Motel” for your stay on the island. The location is perfect and site is just unimaginable.

A glmpse of the seaside is provided below where you can just sit down under the pandanas trees with baby and giant fruits and just relax your mind feeling the gentle breeze and soft music coming from the waves. Come and visit Kiritimati Island and you will never regret your holidays.

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