A Very Happy New Year 2015 to all our valued partners and friends.

As we now stand to open the doors and anticipate what 2015 will bring to our families and businesses, again the Management of Betty Trading would once again acknowledge and commend the continuous and stronger relationships we have developed with all of you over the past three years. We would like to acknowledge our partnership with our on-going suppliers. We would also look forward to making new partnership during 2015. The years 2012-14 been very challenging and also exciting to us. We had managed to achieve some of a number of our targets while stepped and slipped over the others. Overall, however, the year 2014 for Betty Trading has been a great success especially in our construction services where we’ve managed to win four tenders resulting in the employment of more than 30 carpenters led by two senior site foremen and three leading hands. Also the year 2014 marked Betty Trading’s expansion to Kiritimati Island despite having hurdles and blockages to our taking over of the BKL warehouse by some individuals. Finally, by the fall of December 2014, Betty Trading successfully opened its Xmas Branch and is now fully operational.

2015 will be another exciting year for us as we stock-take all our operations and re-strategize our marketing plan to compete with time and the changing demand. We shall concentrate our limited resources by supplementing basic commodities – particularly rice, flour and sugar in Kiribati. We shall concentrate on the Tarawa and Kiritimati markets and looking to also supply Tabuaeran and Teraina. Our other plans will be unveiled over time.

We look forward to working with anyone who is genuine.

Our sincere hope, that this website will continue to provide you new and updated features and information about Betty Trading. The website is designed by us with little knowledge of technology and so our aim is to make it very simple and understandable. It contains very basic information such as Betty Trading’s missioncontact detailshistory, the products we import and sell in Kiribati, the projects we are doing or plan to undertake.  We will try this year to post some of exotic sites of Kiribati including the climate change evidences that may be of interest to you. It is our hope that through this website, you will continue to understand us more and appreciate our mission statement that underpins our business philosophy of growing in peace, harmony and prosperity with our local and international partners as we provide employment opportunities for the lesser and under privileged citizens while supplementing the market in Kiribati to provide more choices. We are happy to have now employed six people and we are hoping to increase and create more employment opportunities over the years to come.

Let me personally thank you for having taken your time to visit this humble and simple website and to learn about us, from the Central Pacific, a country not so many people know about. If you are interested to work with us, let not go your line of communication but give us a call or do send us an email so we can work together in our mission.

We will always treasure and invite partnership in our business and we value trust that will bring both your company and this small family business economic growth and financial prosperity.

Wishing you a prosperous and blessed new year.